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Welcome to Odell Rework Solutions

O'Dell Rework Solutions Ltd was established in 2009 by Jason O'Dell. Jason has been selling the PDR IR rework products since 2000 which makes him the ideal person to provide sales and distribution throughout the UK and Ireland.

Jason served his apprenticeship in the foundry industry where he spent 8 years in sales. This experience and belief in customer service and product support, coupled with PDR's track record for being the leading manufacturer of BGA rework systems across the globe, were the building blocks to establishing O'Dell Rework Solutions.

And now with the addition of the MS1000 BGA/SMT inspection scope and the Platiscan automated visual inspection system, O'Dell Rework Solutions is on track to become the leading provider of rework solutions throughout the UK and Ireland.


See the complete range of PDR's Focused Infra Red (IR) rework systems, distributed exclusively in the UK by O'Dell Rework Solutions.

Today's complex boards, miniaturisation of components and new lead-free solders make PDR's range of rework systems the ideal choice for rework.

Click below for further details on the portable hand held BGA/SMT inspection scope or the PCB/LED Automated visual inspection system.

BGA/SMT inspection scope

PCB/LED Automated visual inspection system