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The MS-1000 is a highly portable microscope for exclusive use with BGA, CSP, and QFP. The MS-1000 is highly efficient in inspecting components which cannot be inspected by conventional X-ray inspection systems.

It's unique design is ideally suited for inspecting fillets of soldered balls, the melted condition of soldered parts, cracks, defective soldering, and more. It can be used to inspect soldered balls at a maximum magnification of 140x and a maximum height of 0.2mm.

The MS-1000 comes complete with prism allowing the MS-1000 to inspect the surface-mounted parts of QFPs and from an angular position, it can be used to inspect the melted and un-melted status of soldering.

The microscope can be connected to the PC with the USB pack (USB2.0 connection). The MS-1000 can be powered via the PC USB socket. A viewer software for image storing, two-point calibrating, and a marker function is also included with the microscope.

For the complete MS1000 range and specifications click here to download pdf.
Sample Screen Views        

Shows the condition where the soldered ball is flaked from the PCB. It results from the warping of the board. This image was taken by pushing down the PCB to confirm the warped status.

You can confirm the following conditions by moving the camera probe forward and backward:
• The soldering state of the soldered
ball with the PCB
• The surface state of the soldered ball
• The soldering state of the soldered
ball with the package


You can observe the QFP mounted parts from various angles using the Straight Prism.