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PlatiScan VI

PlatiScan VI, has been developed to provide a very novel approach to Visual Inspection. The system was developed for the pcb assembly business but can be applied to many production industries.

The systems consists of a standard Windows PC, pre-loaded with the PlatiScan VI software. The PlatiScan VI software evaluates captured images against pre-defined PASS/FAIL criteria. The images are captured by a high quality conventional digital camera in the "Stand Alone" system (shown) or via an industrial camera(s) for bespoke, integrated systems.

The PlatiScan VI system is modelled on the human approach to manual Visual Inpection, then providing automatic Visual Inpection by a computer. Thus error detection rate and overall coverage is dramatically increased.

The following applications have already been developed & implemented:

• Board-Check
• LED-Check
• Display-Check
• Jet-Test

NEW : PlatiScan High Count LED-Test

Used for quality control of high amount LEDs.

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