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Thermal Test


Micro-Focused IR Thermal Test System

The PDR IR-TS One IR Thermal Test System has been designed to thermally cycle key critical components and assemblies to detect defects. Using PDR’s unique Non-Destructive Dual Thermal Stress Screening Process, based on a variation on HALT/HASS principles, the system is able to focus the testing on suspected problem areas to safely screen out early field failures caused by design, environmental, production and structural defects.

The TS One uses PDR’s unique dual zone IR heating and gas cooling process that independently heats the PCB and component in a safe thermal cycle and can be used during live system/function HALT/HASS testing.

In component testing, the PCB is preheated whilst the Focused IR is aimed at the centre of the component to directly heat up the die, in either cycle or step test modes to check the design integrity. For Solder-joint validation the whole component is heated. All parameters such as target temperatures, ramp-rates, soak times and number of cycles are easily set and precisely controlled using PDR’s ThermoActive control software.

Applications include testing electronic assemblies, electronic devices, bonded structures of plastics and ceramics in a wide variety of fields including, Medical, Automotive, Avionics, Space and Defence.

PDR’s IR-TS Ones work alongside HALT/HASS Test Chambers, with the convenience of a benchtop system, so that you can FOCUS on the problem areas, greatly accelerating the process during design testing.

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